HDMI Port Repair for Xbox and PlayStation

HDMI Port Damaged?

What happens when a cable is inserted and removed from a port hundreds or even thousands of times? They wear out and eventually break.

HDMI port damage usually happens when a console is knocked over, dropped or ripped out while plugged in. The ports are really delicate on these devices and the slightest nudge may damage them!

Over the years and after repairing thousands of devices, we've nearly seen it all. But becoming a more and more common repair is a HDMI port replacement on the latest consoles. We often have to replace the HDMI out port on all models of Xbox One or PS4 and it's already started on the Series X and PS5.

How can we help? We can replace your bent, snapped, damaged or broken HDMI socket and exchange it for a shiny new one to get you gaming again in no time. This repair can usually be completed in store in as little as a few hours. 

What does it involve? 

This isn't by any means an easy 'DIY' home repair job. The HDMI port is micro soldered to the motherboard of the device and must be very carefully removed and replaced by our highly skilled technicians.

Console repair - micro soldering at Distex, Rotherham

How much will it cost?

You can find all of our latest console repair pricing here: 


Is this the right repair for me?

  • HDMI port has bent pins
  • HDMI port looks damaged
  • HDMI port loose or wobbly
  • Console powers up with no display

If you have any of the above faults - we can help. No appointment necessary, just drop in with your console and we'll get straight to work.

You can find our location and current opening hours below - see you soon!


May 03, 2021 — Jay Barlow

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