iPhone Paired Component Warnings

iPhone Paired Component Warnings

Starting with iPhone 11 and above, Apple implemented software based warnings to show when a component has been replaced. This is regardless of whether the component is a genuine part or not. The new part must have your devices serial number written to it and only Apple has the capability to do so.
February 03, 2022 — Jay Barlow
HDMI Port Repair for Xbox and PlayStation

HDMI Port Repair for Xbox and PlayStation

HDMI Port Damaged? No Display?

  • HDMI port has bent pins
  • HDMI port looks damaged
  • HDMI port loose or wobbly
  • Console powers up with no display

If you have any of the above faults - we can help. No appointment necessary, just drop in with your console and we'll get straight to work.

May 03, 2021 — Jay Barlow
iPad Glass Repair & Replacement (LCD Refurbishing)

iPad Glass Refurbishment

At Distex, we're fully equipped to perform glass only replacements on all models of iPad.
  • The original LCD (colours, backlight, refresh rate) all remain unaffected, giving you peace of mind that your iPad screen looks just as clear as when it was new.
  • By just changing the glass (and digitiser if necessary) we can pass the savings on to you. Example: iPad Pro 10.5" glass replacement (£95) less than half price of a full display (£210) - prices accurate April 2021
April 23, 2021 — Jay Barlow
Samsung Glass Refurbishment at Distex

Samsung Glass Refurbishment at Distex

At Distex, we're specialists in glass only repairs (screen refurbishment). This separates us from a lot of other repair shops in 2 ways:
  • Quality - A much higher standard of repair is offered, the phone retains the original features - an LCD/OLED display which matches the specifications that the device had when new. 
  • Cost Saving - by replacing just the outer glass of your device and not the complete display unit, we get to pass on the savings to you, the customer!
March 31, 2021 — Jay Barlow