Samsung Glass Refurbishment at Distex
At Distex, we're specialists in glass only repairs (screen refurbishment). This separates us from a lot of other repair shops in 2 ways:
  • Quality - A much higher standard of repair is offered, the phone retains the original features - an LCD/OLED display which matches the specifications that the device had when new. 
  • Cost Saving - by replacing just the outer glass of your device and not the complete display unit, we get to pass on the savings to you, the customer!

What's the process?

This phone has seen better days and has multiple chips and cracks to the front glass, however - the OLED display is still fully functioning and can be re-usedSamsung phone cracked glass

We carefully remove the glass and preserve the fragile soft OLED underneath, this is a long process and requires a lot of patience
Samsung phone glass removal
After removing all of the broken glass, we test the screen to make sure that it's all fully working with no defects - ready to clean off the old glue
We clean the OLED display, remove from the metal frame and test once again, just to make sure that everything is still working how it should - the screen is now ready for the new glass to be fitted
OLED screen removed from phone
The new glass is laminated to the OLED, refitted to the phone and all looks good as new again
Phone glass replaced
Now the final stage - test the device is working ready for the customer to collect, by performing this glass only repair we saved the customer 55% on the price of a full OLED replacement!
Phone with new screen fitted
March 31, 2021 — Jay Barlow

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