Audi A3 8V A4 Harman MIB MMI No Sound Cutting Out Repair Service


If you have a Audi A3 (8V) or A4 and your sound is cutting out, or not working then this is the repair service for you.

The possible symptoms are as follows:

  • Sound cutting out when warm
  • Volume cutting out
  • Sound switch off intermittently
  • No sound at all

MIB-Main / Harman Automotive part numbers of affected units (Please email if not listed): 

  • 8V0 035 020 C
  • 8V0035020C
  • 8V0 035 020B
  • 8VO 035 020
  • 8V0 035 021 A 
  • 8V0035021
  • 8V0 035 043
  • 8V0035043
  • 8V0 035 043 B
  • 8V0035043 B
  • 8V0 035 043A
  • 8V0035043A


Simply post your unit to you, repair is usually completed same day and posted back! No need for any coding or component protection which would be required with replacing your unit.